Miracles ICT staff work with most of the island’s major employers. As we are tech specialists ourselves the island’s employers understand that we are more likely to find the tech specialists they need for their businesses.

We operate a dedicated opportunity portal, just for tech jobs, and a dedicated tech candidate database. This makes it easier for tech job seekers to find jobs relevant to them, and easier for us to match candidates to requirements. Not all of the job opportunities we have are listed on the portal – some jobs are too urgent to wait, and may be filled from our candidate database without ever being advertised. It is important that if you are seeking a tech job on the island that you register with us even if we are not publicly advertising your next job.

The ICT recruitment system we use is open source and hosted by us on the Isle of Man so we guarantee that when you register with us as a candidate then any data you give to us will stay securely in our system in one of the island’s Tier 3 data-centres.

We ask that when you register, you upload your CV (preferably in Microsoft Word format) – and our system will store your original nicely formatted CV file and also convert it to text so that we can search it more easily. You can upload a new CV at any time and it will replace your old one.

We know very well that many tech job seekers have a wide range of tech skills and experiences which are not explicitly stated in their CVs, so when you register with us our system will also ask you to fill out a multiple-choice questionnaire about your ICT skills and the technologies you have used. This questionnaire is used to automatically populate a “key skills” section of your candidate data to help us match you to clients who are asking for particular tech skills which you haven’t listed in your CV.  The questionnaire will take you two to three minutes to complete, and you can redo it at any time to update your key skills list.

If you decide that you want a new tech job on the Isle of Man, but nothing suitable is being advertised, please get in touch with us anyway. We proactively canvas potentially suitable employers on behalf of candidates who are looking to relocate to the island or want an intermediary to quietly test the water and see if employers might be interested in them.