We maintain the only dedicated database of tech candidates on the Isle of Man. Because we have implemented our database from the ground up specifically for tech candidates we have better tech skills and experience information about our candidates than other recruitment agencies and can more accurately match them to employer’s requirements.

Our ICT candidate profiling is performed by an experienced IT professional, Steve Burrows, who has decades of experience in hiring tech staff in hardware and software development, IT operations and management, for his own IT teams and for his consultancy clients. Steve has recruited, as an employer, at all levels from 1st line support and junior developers through to IT managers and heads of IT, in UK SMEs and global technology corporates.

There is often a gap between the requirements expressed in an employer’s job description and the tech skills which an candidate will need in order to succeed in the job, just as there is often a gap between the employment narrative on a candidate’s CV and the tech skills the candidate has acquired in previous employments. We help employers to express their job role descriptions and adverts in language which better enables potential candidates to see how they are relevant to the employer’s needs. This assists employers in getting more applications from more suitable applicants.

We have a deep knowledge of employers and tech workers on the Isle of Man, which combined with our candidate database enables us to perform proactive candidate search with confidence that we can represent the needs of the employer and identify potential on-island candidates who are not actively looking to change role.

We recognise that with low unemployment and high growth in demand for tech workers, off-island recruitment is an essential service to meet the island’s tech worker needs. We advertise off-island when appropriate, pre-interview off-island candidates by videoconference, and also travel off-island to screen off-island candidates.