Author: Steve Burrows

Brexit & IoM IT Recruitment

I thought I ought to get around to mentioning this. Lots of folk have expressed fears over the past couple of years that Brexit might be, through the loss of “Free Movement”, significantly detrimental to the inwards...

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OK, So I’m Biased!

But at least I know I’m biased. My bias is not unconscious, I’ve known about it since the early 1980s. I have a dislike of Microsoft development tools, in particular VB, C# and .Net (OK, even I have to concede that...

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Computing is Sexist

One of the greatest frustrations for those of us who have had leadership roles in the ICT profession is the under-representation of females amongst IT workers. In the UK and the USA the percentage of IT professionals who are...

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Fresh Stock For Autumn

It’s September. Summer holidays are behind us, the schools are back in operation, and those of us in business are getting back into gear. One of the perennials of business life is the difficulty of getting decisions made...

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Middle Class Blues

School’s Out! It’s July and the trickle of youngsters seeking their first opportunity in IT has matured into a steady stream. A deluge seems unlikely because we are the Isle of Man, a small place with a limited...

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