I thought I ought to get around to mentioning this. Lots of folk have expressed fears over the past couple of years that Brexit might be, through the loss of “Free Movement”, significantly detrimental to the inwards recruitment of IT candidates to the UK and IoM.

OK, I don’t recruit into the UK anymore – but when I did precious few of my non-UK candidates came from the EU, most were from non-EU countries and the supply of them would therefore be unaffected by Brexit.

Similarly in the Isle of Man, maybe even more so. I have candidates on the books from Australia, Canada, Egypt, India, Isle of Man, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, UK etc. And one solitary Greek. That’s it.

In summary, I expect a hard Brexit to have little impact on recruitment of ICT specialists to the Isle of Man, simply because the number of non-UK & non-Irish EU citizens migrating here for work is a tiny proportion of our overall inward ICT recruitment.