It’s September. Summer holidays are behind us, the schools are back in operation, and those of us in business are getting back into gear. One of the perennials of business life is the difficulty of getting decisions made during the Summer – with so many people away on vacation it is often difficult to  make big decisions and one of the biggest that any organisation can make is the hiring of new staff.

Another aspect of Summer is the perennial emergence of new talent; fresh out of school, college or university the Summer brings a steady stream of youngsters seeking their first employment and knocking on the doors of Recruitment Agencies such as us. We’ve interviewed a lot of youngsters this Summer, seeking to find their first opportunity working in IT. A few excellent, a few appalling, but most of them solid people in the middle ground. Unfortunately we’ve had to give them all the same message – that they need to be realistic because there are far more applicants seeking entry-level positions in IT than there are jobs to go around – most employers don’t like taking on inexperienced IT recruits. Most employers want experienced IT staff but few employers are willing to offer the opportunity to gain that experience – a classic Catch-22 paradox.

Anyway, enough waffle, it’s Friday afternoon, the sun is shining and I’m going to make the most of it before autumn turns to winter.

We have a catalogue of entry-level / junior candidates seeking their first opportunities in IT. If you’re looking for cheap, bright, malleable candidates then you should get in touch, we’ve got oodles of them. We’ve also got a few really interesting experienced candidates in our IT catalogue – developers, business analysts, project managers, infrastructure techs, IT managers and the like.

If you are an employer and would like a copy of our catalogue we’ll send you one on a roughly monthly basis. Entries look something like these – just enough for you to decide whether you want to see a CV.

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