Hello, World ….

Here at Miracles we’ve decided to do something new for the Isle of Man. We’re creating a specialist ICT recruitment capability, to bring IT jobs and IT candidates together into one place run by recruiters who actually understand IT.

Part of this is about having a dedicated web portal for IT jobs and candidates – a portal which is quick to use, only has IT jobs on it so that IT professionals have a one-stop-shop for IT opportunities without having to trawl through hundreds of openings for accountants, chefs, construction workers etc., and which is explicitly designed to capture their IT skills.

This is it, ManxICT.careers v0.1 (beta!). The front-end website is WordPress, as of June 2018 we’re using a standard theme and focusing on delivering content and the integrations to our job and candidate databases (all working).

In parallel our graphic design and web people are working on developing something prettier, so there will be visual / cosmetic improvements in the near future, but right now we’re keeping it simple. What really matters is ICT jobs, ICT candidates, and bringing the two together.