The Isle of Man requires that most immigrants to the island, including from the UK, Ireland and the EEA, must be granted a work permit in order to work on the island. The Isle of Man is not part of the EU and the right of EU citizens to work in other EU countries does not apply to the Isle of Man.

The Control of Employment Act 2014 (CEA), together with subordinate legislation, provides the statutory framework under which the Department for Enterprise (DfE) operates and enforces the work permit system.

The purpose of the legislation is to protect the employment opportunities of Isle of Man workers as far as it is reasonable while enabling employers to obtain the workers they need.

Anyone who is not an Isle of Man worker requires a work permit to take up employment (including self-employment), except in the case of a number of occupations and certain employments of a temporary nature which are exempt.

You may read more about the Isle of Man Work Permit requirements on the government website.

The majority of ICT specialists coming to the Isle of Man to work are exempt from the requirement for a Work Permit. The exemptions only apply to employment of at least 12 months’ duration and the salary, excluding bonuses, must be at least £25,000 a year. You may read more about the Isle of Man’s Work Permit Exemptions for ICT workers here.

If you are applying for a job via Miracles ICT division you will probably not need a work permit because most of the jobs we handle are exempt, however if you need guidance please ask us.