So, the past couple of weeks have been interesting. A few lessons learned:

Clearly there is an appetite among Isle of Man employers for a more specialist ICT recruitment capability on island. We have been getting enquiries from, and listing opportunities for,  employers who don’t normally use recruitment agencies for ICT roles. Which is great!

We have local candidates applying for roles – which is also great. Having repeatedly heard that there is a desperate shortage of ICT candidates on the island, we can categorically state that this is not universally true. There are some under-employed ICT specialists available in the local market, but not across all specialisms.

The island has a scarcity of “mid-range” ICT professionals – experienced but not senior folk, especially in respect of enterprise systems administrators – Windows Server, VMware, etc., and in respect of LAMP (Linux-based web  technologies) developers.

However we have senior candidates, experienced ICT management and strategy leaders, who are struggling to find new opportunities.

And at the other end of the market, we’re seeing an encouraging supply of entry-level candidates, with BTec or BSc IT / Computer Science qualifications – but an insufficiency of an opportunities for them.

Both of these groups of candidates, at the high and low end of the experience / skills spectrum, are a concern because without suitable opportunities on the Isle of Man they will inevitably leave, mostly to the UK or Ireland, in order to pursue their careers.